Are you thinking about learning Spanish on your own? Then this article is going to come very well, because we are going to see how to learn Spanish from home in 10 easy steps.

1. Organize and Schedule your sessions


Before starting studying Spanish, find out what is your level and spend some time preparing all the materials you will need, books, Internet materials, keep everything ready before you start.

Once you have the materials, divide them in time and decides when to go to work every thing. This will help you to motivate you and not to lose time of planning. Without hurries. Put daily, weekly and monthly goals that are realistic.


2. Read Spanish every day


This is the key step. You have to commit yourself to spend a mínimum of daily time with the Spanish.

If one day you can not more than 10 minutes, which are not more tan 10. But that are at least 10 minutes every day. All.

Perseverance is important to be motivated, look for a book, newspaper or magazine that interests you and that is appropiate to your level.

Audiobooks are a good way to read an listen at the same time: you will learn how to pronounce better while you adapt your ear.


3. Listen some Spanish every day


LISTEN. This is what most you have to work, because it is the basis of everything. you think about how you learned your mother tongue: you were months listening before your first words and, of course, before you read them or write them. So, listen to all the Spanish as you can.

Today, thanks to the Internet we have a lot of free resources and it is possible to download podcasts, you can watch videos of news, videos on YouTube and listen to the radio. Listen a little every day will help you to improve your listening.  I advise you that, if you don’t have a great level, centres you more in radio documentaries and lectures. Films and series are more complicated to understand and you run the risk of demoralize you.

Something that works for me and I recommend, is to see cartoon in Spanish, as Pepa Pig or something  of Disney, are adapted to children and therefore the language is much slower and they vocalize much better. You can see a chapter a week.


4. Write a diary in Spanish


Write in the learning of Spanish is something completely secondary (unless you need it especially for some reason, exams…). The more time you’re talking and less writing, better for your Spanish. It is true that you have to work the skills of writing, but with that spend you 10% of your monthly study time, you have more than enough. For this reason, I recommend you write a diary in Spanish. Very good for beginners or people with low level. To not overwhelm you can write what you have done during the week or what you would like to do in the next week. Sure that you van emerging those doubts that you can go solving.

5. Speak in Spanish aloud


To speak aloud is fundamental. But if you do not have a teacher who corrects you, more probable is that you make mistakes. To avoid it, record you speaking Spanish, listen to you and compare you with how it would say a native. So you can identify your mistakes and get ready to work with them.

Talk to yourself in Spanish is essential, you can do it at home, while driving, vocalizing your thoughts or simply saying what you are doing (I am down the stairs).

I speak to my children in English, basic daily routine actions. Thus, these phrases do not forget me and my kids are listening to.

When any sentence not know tell it, point it mentally to find it later and set the correct phrase in your mind.


6. Do not always do the same


When you’re studying, do not do the same thing all the time, or you will up getting bored. There are many different exercises you can do, do not spend more than 10 minutes doing the same. You can read, sing, write, play, watch TV, all in Spanish.


7. Take advantage of social networks and internet


The Internet and social networks can be of great help to learn Spanish, I public regularly both on Twitter as
on Facebook (or at least I try) and many other professors and schools do too.

Do not hesitate and follow us!

Insurance will learn more than you think. In addition, there are many blogs and website with a great material that updated every so often with clear explanations, exercises, etc.

Make your own list!


8. Always reviewed


This is something that I repeat and practice with my students in every class.

It serves no purpose to study verbs in Spanish one day,  if until the following week you do not return to look at the notes and instead of reviewing what has been learned we continue with another theme. the Review of each structure learned each day is essential to advance in knowledge with a firm and sure step.


9. Language Exchanges


We all know that not everyone can spend time in other countries practicing the Spanish , but is not the only way to speak Spanish. Look around you, there are places where these kinds of language exchanges are organized.

Make native friends. There are also platforms on the internet in which people of different nationalities Exchange languages.

You can find Spanish-speaking people who want to practice your language and in turn take advantage of speaking Spanish.When we speak another language we all make mistakes, pronunciation, grammar… it does not matter! The important thing is that we can communicate. Err is the best way to learn. Lose your fear of ridicule!


10. Look for a good particular teacher


If you want to learn English from home and instead of taking ten steps prefer to give only one, is this: get a good teacher who can teach you in a personalized way. Clearly, the ideal way to learn Spanish is supported by a qualified tutor who motivates you, who will plan and measure the workload, correct you and awaken in you a true passion for the language.

Personalized classes are the most effective way to learn or improve your Spanish. Also, if these lessons are through Skype or Hangout you won’t  go out your house or office. The classes will be completely custom and time is dedicated 100% to you.

Think of it as a profitable investment: If the classes are adapted to your needs will advance faster and with more assurance that if you try to get organized on your own or if you follow a generic class. Also, you think that if you do not go out of your home will saves you time in travel and looking for parking and money on gasoline.

Think about it and if you dare, I can help you. Remember the first trial lesson is free in my school Hi Spanish online

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