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Learn Spanish to travel, for bussines, for fun, to keep your brain active, to prepare for an exam or a job interview, if you are interested in Spanish culture and cuisine.

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Hi! I’m Anabel and I can help you with your Spanish.

Hi Spanish Online was born more than 3 years ago to help people around the world learn and improve their Spanish.

Always with the best resources, individual online lessons, educational videos, podcast to train your ear and publications on my Social Networks we will reach your goals with Spanish

Learn Spanish

To Travel

For Business

For Fun

To keep your brain active

To prepare for an exam or a job interview

If you are Interested in Spanish culture and cuisine


LO: EL ARTÍCULO NEUTRO ¡Hola amigos! Hoy vamos a ver un artículo que siempre causa confusión entre los estudiantes de español por dos razones: lo confunden con 'el' o directamente no saben ni cómo ni cuando usarlo. Despejemos las dudas: Para ayudarte he preparado un...

Prójimo y próximo

Hoy vamos a ver la diferencia entre próximo y prójimo. Las dos palabras tienen un origen común aunque en realidad su usa en contexto es bastante diferente.   Prójimo Cuando hablamos del prójimo hablamos de cualquier persona en general, ser humano, individuo....

Otras formas de decir SÍ y NO en español

Formas de decir SÍ y NO en español ¡Hola amigos! Al aprender un idioma nuestro objetivo final siempre es conocer las expresiones habituales de los nativos. Básicamente hablar de la forma más natural posible y entender una...

Las preposiciones de lugar en español

Las preposiciones de lugar en español. Usos.   ¡Hola amigos!   Las preposiciones de lugar son un tema muy útil para aprender en cualquier idioma. Así que no nos entretengamos y vamos a ello.   ¿Cómo usar las preposiciones de lugar?   Usamos las...

La hora en español

La hora en español   ¡Hola amigos!   Hoy quiero aprovechar el cambio de hora en España para recuperar y repasar un tema básico en español: cómo preguntar y decir la hora en español. Lo primero que debemos saber es que para hablar de la hora en español se...

Las formas de los objetos en español

Conocer las formas de los objetos en español, al igual que los colores es realmente útil ya que los usamos muy a menudo en nuestra conversaciones cotidianas.
En este artículo voy a enseñaros los términos más básicos y más usados para que podáis describir mucho mejor cualquier objeto.

Historias en español: abusando de la confianza

¡Hola amigos! Hoy os traigo una nueva forma de aprender español: con una historia. Esta historia está en formato comic, concretamente son 8 viñetas donde dos amigas tienen un conflicto. Lee la historia e intenta responder a las preguntas que hay al final del comic. Yo...

Los colores en español

¡Hola amigos! Conocer el vocabulario sobre los colores en español es realmente útil ya que los usamos muy a menudo en nuestra conversaciones cotidianas.  En este artículo voy a enseñaros los términos más básicos y más usados.  Para terminar, os dejaré...

Usos de ya en español

Los usos de YA suelen ser un quebradero de cabeza para muchos estudiantes de español. Con este vídeo intento aclarar un poco en qué contexto usarlos

Algunas rutinas en español

Las rutinas que os presento a continuación son las que más les cuesta recordar a muchos de mis estudiantes de español online. Parecen sencillas pero al no existir en su lengua nativa, no son fáciles de retener. En español diferenciamos entre acostarnos y dormirnos (en...


Course Offerings

Basic Skills for General Spanish


Learn to communicate in Spanish.

Focus on communication and practical use

Be able to express easily in Spanish

Learn vocabulary, expression in a fun and flexible way

Gain more knowledge above Spanish culture

Intermediate & Advanced Courses


Move from intermediate level to advanced level through real communication and gain security to use your Spanish in any context.

Self Learning Courses & Guides

Online Self Paced

Through our didactic videos on YouTube and our training through the Postcast in Spanish, your Spanish will improve for sure

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If so, do not delay! You can learn Spanish online here. One-to-one Skype sessions. Customised Spanish Classes. Free Trial Lesson


Popular Courses

20 SPANISH lessons

Intermediate Spanish Online

The Intermediate Spanish Course is the most demanded by our students who want to improve their skills with Spanish in a conscious and enjoyable way.


Spanish For Children and teenagers

From 8 to 17 years old. Spanish for Children because it is a key momento to learn a language and enjoy doing it.  Spanish for Teenagers because it improve your academic education and enriches your worldview.


Why Learn With Us?



The experience that supports us in our strong point to successfully achieve your goals


Each student learns differently, so our lessons are made for each individual person.


When you want and where you want

We speak in Spanish

We speak in Spanish from the beginning to create a environment where the student is in contact with the language from the first lesson. Although if you need it, we will be able to support you in English to facilitate the easy learning.

About me

Anabel Márquez

I am a native Spanish speaker. Spanish of the South. Enthusiastic teacher and language student. Degree in Humanities in the specialty of Spanish Language and Literature. Trained as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language and great experience teaching Spanish. Do not you feel safe? With me that will change.
I am a dreamy soul, I love walking on the beach and enjoying its sunsets. ✈️I love to travel. I try to eat healthy although I do not always get it and I do less sport than I would like (my lack of time is something I must correct). I love to enjoy the Andalusian sun. Spring gives me life and I do not like winter at all, cold or ☔️ rain.




Language Courses


What Our Students Say

«Anabel is the perfect Spanish Teacher! ? She meets you on your own level- and prepare you for the next, with all her knowledge and compassion for the subject. I´ve had 30 lessons with her, and I feel like I have learned more during these lessons than in the last 5 years with other teachers and courses. Anabel is very inspiring, and she´s mixing humour and seriousity in a perfect way. I also have learned a lot about Spanish history, so this is a course for people who want to learn more that just normal «Tourist-Spanish». Anabel is very dedicated-and she´s eager to tell you about her country in the last centuries-and now. We often have a good laugh in the chat room-and I also get homework to improve the things we have talked about in the classes. I highly recommend Anabel to everyone who want to learn Spanish. She´s the best!

Geir (Norway)

Learning General Spanish
«I’ve taken classes with Anabel for 9 months now. She’s so nice, is always very patient, and has great materials. She has helped me when I’ve struggled with a new topic until I have a really solid understanding of it. I really like her classes and I’m so glad I found her!»

Bethany (Ohio -EEUU)

Learning Spanish Advanced
«Anabel has been a fantastic teacher! I’ve been taking Skype lessons with her for 6 months and I have learned more with her than I learned in 3 years in high school. Her lessons are fun and interactive. She always sends detailed notes of everything we cover after each class so I can review before subsequent lessons. I am going to Madrid for an upcoming vacation and I feel confident that I will be able to get around because of all I’ve learned with Anabel. Highly recommend her for anyone looking to completely immerse themselves in the Spanish language».

Nick (Philadelphia - EEUU)

Learning Spanish for beginners
«Anabel is very patient and fun with my daughter. She has been her Spanish teacher for 8 months and is always looking forward to being the class to speak Spanish.»

Alison's mom.

11 years old student.

Hong Kong

Spanish for children


Attending Our Lessons


Learn Spanish with the Hi Spanish Online with Anabel blog


You can listen to Train Your Spanish podcasts on multiple platforms such as Ivoox, Spotify, Apple Podcast and more.


Prices depend on the number of lessons you want. All material is included.


Why Learn a New Language?

Travel The World With Confidence

Traveling as a local language speaker can completely change a trip abroad.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Learning a second language also gives us opportunities to study or work abroad

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

When you learn a new language, we may be forced to think of an alternative word that we are not used to using. We have to put together words to form a sentence until it fits and makes sense to the other person.

Brain Plasticity

knowing a second language positively modifies the structure of the brain, specifically the area that processes information. In particular, it improves so-called brain plasticity,enhancing learning and memory.

Improves confidence

Learning a language means leaving our comfort zone. The feeling of being able to converse with someone in your native language will improve your confidence for other tasks.

You will perfect your native language.

When we learn a new language, we can appreciate the roots and fundamentals of our native language. This is because we grew up speaking that language, without thinking much in terms of how the sentence structures worked or breaking down the accents of each syllable.


Frequently Asked

How do I begin?
  1. Book a trial lesson During the trial lesson I will be able to know your level and goals. Also we can organize the future lesson at a mutually convenient time.
  2. After decide the time for your lessons you just need to make the payment.
What is the methodology used?
I place an emphasis on conversation. Supplementary material intended to optimize a student’s involvement in a lesson will be emailed to the student before or after the lesson at the teacher’s discretion.

Grammar, vocabulary and communicative skills will be practiced through conversation making use of a multitude of strategies, activities, and practice. The student has the lead role, as the lessons are designed for him or her to participate actively.

How do the lessons work?
The Spanish online classes are via Skype or Zoom (

The duration is 55 minutes. It is recommended to take two classes per week to see progress, but only you decide the frequency of your lessons.

Classes are entertaining and interactive. We will use various resources such as sharing documents, images, videos and audios through the use of the screen sharing option of Skype, Google Drive and Watch Together. Lots of conversation and exercises. The objective of the classes is to make the student feel safer with the use of Spanish, therefore, the lessons are adapted to the specific needs of each student.

The communication will be interactive in real time so we can take notes and work with documents simultaneously.

After each session, you will be given homework to reinforce and practice the topics covered in the lesson.

How do I pay for the lessons?
Choose a package and select it and you will be redirected to a PayPal page where you will be able to complete your payment via credit card or Paypal account in your own currency. If you prefer bank transfer, let me know in ASK A QUESTION or through and I will contact you to send you the data.
Can I prepare DELE examinations with you?
Of course, a special program to help you prepare for the examinations will be designed and tailored to your personal needs.

 Why is it beneficial to take Spanish lessons Online?

  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency and cost (no additional travel time or costs)
  • Tailored lessons for your needs.
Why choose one-to-one tuition?
A general group course is often not effective for learners who have limited amounts of time at their disposal. In this case, one-to-one classes allow the individual to choose when and where their classes take place. Moreover, one-to-one tuition students are given a detailed assessment and a continuous needs analysis to ensure that their needs are met.
Could I have group classes?
Yes, of course.

You and your friends can form a group class. Learn Spanish with fun and effective classes at locations and times convenient to you.

Spanish Group Classes: Our small group classes are typically up to 2 students if they have beginner level or up to 4 students if they have intermediate or advance level.


If I have classes with you, how long will take me to improve my Spanish?
This varies from student to student and depends on some key factors, especially the amount of time you can dedicate to self-study and the frequency of your Spanish classes. Generally, students who have classes twice a week may move up a level after 8 or 12 weeks, while other students in similar circumstances may need longer.
Can I cancel or reschedule a lesson?
Sure, Cancellation and change policy is 24 hours in advance by email. If cancelled or changed within 24 hours before the start of the class, the student will be charged.

What happens if  I’m late or don’t show up for class?

The lesson will be considered void if the student does not appear by 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. That specific class is subsequently not reschedulable.

How do I use Skype or Zoom?
Preparing for your Spanish class online with me is easy. Simply download the free software from, create a free Skype account and it will be ready in minutes!

If you prefer Zoom (it is more professional and comfortable), I will send the direct link to my class. Before you just have to download the software

You can even use Skype or Zoom from your smartphone or tablet!

If your computer does not already have a built-in microphone (and / or camera), you may need to buy a microphone (and / or camera + headphones).

Do course package expire?
Yes, all packages expire within 1 year of start day of payment. Don't worry because it's enough time to finish your lessons.
Do you provide Spanish language certificates?
No, because I am not an Spanish course but an experienced private teacher. – I offer preparation classes for examinations recognized worldwide, such as DELE.

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If so, do not delay!
You can learn Spanish online here
One-to-one Skype sessions
Customised Spanish Classes
Free Trial Lesson

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